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Your compliments, feedback and complaints help us to improve our service and the support we provide. Giving feedback or lodging a complaint will not affect the level of service you receive form Muru Pathways. To get started, fill out our form below or download our paper based versions via the coloured links.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss anything further, please contact us via one of the following:

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    Q & A

    How you feel about us and the services that we provide you matters to us. We encourage you to be active within the service and provide compliments, feedback and/or suggestions for improvement to help us better our service.

    You can do this by telling someone, by sending us an email or letter or through our website here.

    Yes, if you have any concerns or are not happy with the service youreceive from Muru Pathways, you can make a complaint to help us improve our services.

    If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, you should make sure the person knows about it.

    All complaints made to or about Muru Pathways are confidential. This means that only the people who are involved with the complaint and in the complaint process will know about it.

    You also have the option of complaining anonymously, meaning that no-one will know it was you making the complaint. If you wish to remain anonymous though, it may limit the ways in which we can help.

    Making a complaint is simple, and you will be guided and informed throughout each step. You can make a complaint by telling a staff member, or by emailing,writing or filling out the complaint form on our website. Complaint forms are also available at our office on Hunter Street.

    If you feel it necessary, we encourage you to have a support person (friend, relative, carer or advocate) to help you during the process.

    The following outlines what will happen when you give a compliment, feedback or make a complaint to or against Muru Pathways.

    You will be informed and supported throughout each step.

    We encourage you to talk to your Coordinator first about your complaint. If they cannot resolve your concern, we will take the following measures to ensure your complaint is handled quickly and appropriately.

    Complaint Form
    External Grievance Report Form
    Service Improvement Request
    AASW Complaints Form
    Feedback & Complaints brochure
    Participant & Stakeholder Feedback

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