About Muru Pathways

Who we are and how we work

About Us

Muru Pathways is a provider of Disability and Mental Health Supports for people in the Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie region of NSW. We are an NDIS Registered Provider.

We use a person centred framework that enables people with a disability and/or their families to have choice and control over the supports provided in order to achieve positive outcomes in their lives. By using funding and other resources to plan, purchase and select supports and services that suit individual needs, people with a disability and/or their families become active participants in the design and delivery of their support.

The person centred framework is simple in its delivery but complex in its outcomes, participants are given the opportunity to discuss their goals in a conversationalist manner that has been practiced and proven throughout our experiences in counselling and case management with people who are experiencing complex support needs. This allows participants to contribute in a non-threatening or intimidating manner in order to identify positive goals and assets in their lives and develop a plan that suits their needs.

What is Muru?

The term “Muru” has many meanings across the globe.

​The Eora people of coastal NSW, who’s language and traditional heritage spanned thousands of years, connection to the lands of the Murro-ore (pathway place) were strong and binding. The Eora people considered the Muru a “Road or Path” that often lead to important sites and was passed on through the generations. Over the years, the “Muru” has become harder to find as there are now many different pathways to choose from.

The traditional Maori society of New Zealand utilised the term Muru to mean seeking justice. Muru would often be enacted as a form of social justice for community members, allowing grievances to be discussed and resolved. In modern society, this concept of social justice is still strong and aims to ensure individuals and groups be given fair treatment, equality and an equal share of the benefits and opportunities that are available.

Our Framework

Muru Pathways adopts the following principles in line with the Australian Association of Social Worker (AASW) and the NSW disability services act of 1993. These principles include that people with a disability and/or mental health concern;

  • Have the same human rights to be respected and treated with dignity as any other member of society
  • Have the right to individual autonomy, independence and the freedom to make their own choices about their lives
  • Cannot be discriminated against due to their ability, culture, age, gender or geographic location
  • Have the right to have valued roles in the community and be full, effective and active participants within their communities
  • Are accepted as part of human diversity and humanity
  • Have access to the same opportunities as other members of society
  • Have access to information in easily understood formats
  • Have the right to realise their individual skills, capabilities and development.

The following elements underpin the framework for self-directed support by Muru pathways;

  •  Planning
  •  Working together in co-creation and collaboration with service providers and participants
  •  Promoting personal choice and control
  •  Supporting changes in capacity
  •  Flexibility of supports provided
  •  Accountability of service
  •  Encouraging peer support and community engagement
  •  Ensuring safeguards and safety of participants.

Accreditation & Training

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